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Top 15 Best App To Root Your Android Without PC

Root Android Phone
We have tried our best to find all the methods to root a phone without using pc or computer. Though, there are many methods for rooting android mobile with the help of computer but it is very risky as one wrong step can brick your device completely. So, let's move on to the methods now.

Below, We listed Top 14 methods to root android phone without computer. I have personally tried all of below 14 methods first and then shared it here. All of 14 methods requires APK file to be downloaded from buttons listed there.

Universal Androot
This app is very popular among geeks for purpose of rooting their phone without pc. Just download this apk and install in your android phone and you are ready to go. This is one of best rooting apk undoubtedly which you can give a shot. If you are unable to root your android mobile using Framaroot, then you must give this app a try once.

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Kingo Root
When it comes to rooting an Android device kingroot is one of the best apps. Kingroot studio created the Kingroot app since then the app has rooted an uncountable number of apps.The app has millions of downloads and good overall ratings.
•Kingroot is straightforward and easy to use (best for lazy people).
•Root almost any Android phone (Android 2.2 to 5.0).
•Inbuilt unroot option.
•Preinstalled Purify tool (saves battery and optimize the device).
•Root/unroot device in one click.
•Free of cost.

•Requires internet connection for rooting the device.
•Ads appear on the lock screen.
•It can Root only 5.0 Lollipop or lower versions.
How To Root Android Using Kingroot APK.

Step 1. Download and install Kingroot apk (ignore the warning and install anyway).
Step 2. Click try now to access the primary interface.
Step 3.Now click on get now and wait until it roots your phone.
Step 4. Now it will show your device is rooted successfully.

Frama Root
This is the top-most app which comes on Rank 1 when we talk about rooting any phone without PC. This APK is still best APK ever to root any mobile without PC/Computer. This app has rooted thousands of devices which support its exploits.
This app is a must try for every phone.
Framaroot has many exploits to root any android device without PC/Computer. Most of the exploits of Framaroot are created for MTK chipset android phones though. Follow below methods to root your android mobile via Framaroot.

How to use Framaroot:

1. Download Framaroot from above link. (Just, click on above link to download Framaroot). 2. Install APK in your android phone and Open Framaroot from app drawer now. 3. Simply, Click on Boromir and Wait until It does not show Su Installed successfully.

Iroot Apk
iRoot is one of the best android apk to root android phone without any need of computer/PC. iRoot is a popular name among power-android users. Its a Chinese app, but there are many mods available for this app in English version. In many, last years, iRoot made a great position its users as they are continously providing updates to its users to support more newer models too.
Steps to root android phone using iRoot:

1. First of all, Download iRoot from above download button.
2. Once, you have successfully download iRoot APK file.
3. Tap on this file to install it in your android phone.
4. So, now you have installed iRoot in your android mobile.
5. Open iRoot application in your android phone.
6. Tap on I Agree.
7. Now, Simply click on Root button in the iRoot app.
8. It will root your android phone successfully now.
Kingo Root
KingoRoot is one of the most popular rooting apps for Android. If I have to vote for the best rooting app for Android, I will blindly choose the KingoRoot. Why KingoRoot? Because KingoRoot is the fastest app to root the device in one click.
Most of the people couldn’t differentiate between Kingroot and KingoRoot, but they are different and belongs to various owners.
•Fastest app to root any Android in a single tap.
•We can Root Android without PC/ computer.
•No need to buy (free).
•Kingoroot Roots almost all Android phones.
•KingoRoot also supports latest Android Nougat devices.
•Easy to use (good for beginners).
•No risk of bricking your device (most of the times).
•Like other Root gainers, KingoRoot asks for internet connection.
•Irritative ads.

How To Root Android Phone Using Kingoroot:

Download and install KingoRoot apk.
Open the app and tap on No Root button.
Wait until 100% process completes.
Now it will show you a message “Successfully Rooted.”
Reboot your Android phone and enjoy.

One Click Root
One click Root is another best app for gaining superuser access . As the name suggests, one click root is designed to root Android devices in a single click.
Its simplicity and user-friendly UI compels me to use one click root. The best thing about one click root is that it has inbuilt live chat support in case you want.
•Straightforward and clean user interface.
•Easy to use even if you are a newbie.
•One click root any android phone.
•Inbuilt live chat support and message support.
•Root Android without connecting with PC or computer.
•It is a free app.
•One click root needs internet access. •It contains ads.
•Some devices are not rootable with one •click root.

How To Root Android Phone With One Click Root:

•Download and install one click root apk.
•Open it and click on Root Device.
•Now it will ask you to install one app just skip it.
•Click on Scan Now and wait for it checks← your device is rootable or not.
•If your phone is rootable, then tap on the Root button.
•Now your device has Rooted successfully reboot and enjoy.

Towel Root
TowelRoot is another good app for rooting an Android without a computer. George GeoHot made this excellent app. TowelRoot hit the web with its new exploit and ability to Root Android without PC.
Just one click and you are all set to gain Superuser access on your Android phone. Bad luck for Samsung and HTC users as TowelRoot is not compatible with your phones.
•Towelroot Roots most of the Android phones.
•Powerful exploit to gain Superuser access.
•One tap root solution for any Android smartphone.
•Safe and easy to use.
•No need to invest for TowelRoot.
•You can root phones using towelroot website also.
•TowelRoot can Root Android without PC / computer.
•Some of the Samsung and HTC phones are not rootable with TowelRoot.
•TowelRoot wants an internet connection for Su installation.

How To Root Android Phone Using TowelRot

•Download and install TowelRoot apk.
•Open app and tap on MakeItRain.
•Wait for the exploit to install SuperSu.
•Now your Android phone will gain SU access.

Z4 Root Apk
In recent update of Z4Root, they have added a temporary root feature too which can root 99% of android phones without computer currently.
(Though, the disadvantage of this feature is that you will lose root access after a reboot but still a great feature for beginners who want to test some root applications).

How To Root Android Smartphone Without Computer Using Z4Root:

• Download Z4Root apk from above download button.
• Install Z4Root APK in your android phone. (Make sure that you have allowed Unknown Sources in Settings).
• Open Z4Root app in your android phone now. • Click on Root button.
• Wait for couple of seconds to make sure that Z4Root has completed it’s job.
• Now, simply restart your android phone to root it without computer.

If everything worked well, then this apk will do its task of rooting your android phone easily without creating any kind of problem further.

Baidu Root Apk
Baidu Root is also one of the most used apps, and it is quite famous among Android users. Baidu Root is especially popular in China.
Well, Baidu Root has higher rooting probability which makes it unique. Baidu supports more than 6000 Android phones, and it can Root Android 2.2 to Android 4.4 devices.
Baidu is safe, and it is the product of famous Chinese company Baidu Inc. You can Root quickly any of your Android phones using Baidu.
` First of all download Baidu Root apk from below link. Now install and open it, then wait for it to load completely. Just tap on root android button, it will take few seconds to install SuperSu.

How To Root Android With Baidu Root APK:

• Download Baidu Root APK from above button.
• Install APK in your android phone now. (Before installing this APK, make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in settings).
• Open Baidu Root app now.
• Click on Root button now and wait till success bar reaches to 100%.
• Restart your android phone now and look for Baidu Root app in the app drawer now.
After reboor, if there is Baidu Super user app available in the app drawer, then you have successfully rooted your android phone without computer.
You can use Baidu Root as it is one of the best rooting apk for Android.

Easy Rooting Toolkit
This app is one of the most working app to root any android smartphone.
This app can root almost every Sony device. Easy rooting toolkit will install busybox along with su files in your android mobile.
Though, this exploit is patched by most of device manufacturer but still you can give this app a try. Recently, Easy Rooting Toolkit has recently updated their app to V3.0 which has fixed many bugs and has added new devices like Xperia C2 , Xperia Z2 etc.

How To Root Android By Using Easy Rooting Toolkit

• First of all Download Easy Rooting toolkit apk from above button.
• Now, Install this APK in your android mobile (Make sure Unknown sources is enabled into settings).
• Open app & Click on Root.
• Wait some seconds and when it shows Success message.
• Simply, restart your android mobile to check if you superuser app installed in your app drawer.

Root Master
Root Master One click root is one of effective method to root android without pc easily. If you have tried above method to root your android smartphone and got no success, then I recommend you to use this method. As, this method is totally free to use. Moreover, many users has got success in rooting their android phone using Root Master One Click Root.
Moreover, it is first English APK which can root android phone without computer.

How to root android phone using Root Master:

• Download Root Master apk from above button.
• Take backup of your device.
• Install APK in your android phone. (Make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in settings)
• Open Root Master application in your android phone and Click on Tap to root.
• Just wait for some minutes and restart your android phone now.


SuperSU Pro Root App Image
SuperSU Pro: SuperSU (Stands for super super user) is a root access app for Android, which can grant or deny access to root whenever any app requests root access. It will record your choice and allow those apps to access root without prompting. It also makes a log of root accesses of rooted Android devices. This Android root app is a good choice to help you root without PC.

• Root access prompting, logging, and notifications.
• Temporarily unroot or completely unroot your phone or tablet.
• Work even when Android is not properly booted.
• Wake on prompt.
• Work as system app.
• Accesses it by dialing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* from the dialer even it is hidden from the launcher.
• Selectable themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
• Selectable icons for the Android root app.

• Smooth Android root app, no extra load on CPU.
• No advertisement.
• Can be hidden.
• Small in size, just 2.2MB space.
• Root without PC.

You cannot lock the app with a pin, but this feature is added in the Pro version which is a paid version of this app.
Download SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store.


Superuser Root App
This rooted app for Android does almost the same as Super.SU Android Root tool. With this app you are going to get PIN protection for the fee, which is available after paying for it in the SuperSU.
This Android root app is a little heavy compared to SuperSU, when it comes to CPU uses. The interface was not that good when the beta version was launched, but the official version is fine and runs smoothly and root without PC. The developer of this app has announced that this app will always be free and no paid version will be launched ever.

• It provides multi user supports (Android 4.2 onwards).
• It is a totally open source project; you can find the source code at github.
• PIN protection. It asks for PIN whenever it encounters a root access request.
• Every root app for Android can be configured separately.
• Root access prompting, logging, and notification features.
• Root without PC.

• It can handle multiple root access requests at a same time.
• Updates very frequently in the marketplace, hence you will get added support to all the new rooted Android versions almost instantly. You can set the duration of request before they time out.
• If you are looking for a free rooted Android app, then you cannot find any app better than this one.
• You will never feel that you make a compromise by not going for a paid Android root app.
• No security voids in this rooted Android app, everything is transparent.

This Android root app is a little bit heavy in terms of CPU uses.
The interface could be made better, but this can be of personal preference. If I don't like the interface doesn't mean you will feel the same.
Download Superuser from Google Play Store.


SuperUser X [L] Root App

SuperUser X [L] Root App it is an Android root app designed for experienced people or developers, newbies or amateurs are advised to stay away from this app.
This app permits all the apps to access roots once the binary file gets installed, you can also remove this app after that. Hence, you won't get any pop ups asking for the permission to access the root, those pop ups might be irritating for you if you use plenty of rooted apps for Android. Using this app you can stay away from that irritation to root without PC freely.

• You will be getting the root access even if this app is uninstalled or gets corrupted once the binary file gets installed.
• You can also uninstall the app after installing the binary file. Hence, you can save memory space.
• Gives root access to every app without prompting for permission which can save your time, memory and CPU. Root without PC.

• The rooted Android app is designed for developers and experienced user, if you feel secure by giving the root access by prompting for it, then the root app is not for you.
• If you are in a habit of downloading and installing random rooted apps for Android from the web, then the app is not for you. You might brick your rooted Android phone in that case.
• Free version of this app shows some ads, to get rid of that, you should purchase the paid version.
• This root app for Androidis currently available for those Android devices which are running on the ARM processor.
The Android root app is based on command line interface. • Graphical user interface is not provided.
Download Superuser X [L] from Google Play Store.


Cf Auto Root If you are rooting your phone for the first time. CF auto root is best rooting apk for, beginners. CF auto root works with Samsung Galaxy devices, but you can root other phones as well. First of all download CF auto root latest version from below link. Now open it and select your phone from the list. Then download the necessary file from the link next to your device name.
After that select the file and click on big Root button. Now your phone is rooted, reboot and enjoy the perks of Root.

All the Application mention above are on google, you can search any one you like then downoad it.

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