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Easy Way To Hack Facebook With Phishing Codes

Hack Facebook
If you want to shock your friends by gettings their passwords and other data then Phishing is the best method for you. Through the Wapka Phishing Codes or other wapsite builders, you can easily create new phishing page which will look like original one. It is like impossible to identify if your victim is not a techy guy. There is no need to learn Coding and anything special for this purpose. All you need are Wapka Phishing Scripts of pages which you want to create. Well, no need to worry. Why? Because you will get all WML/XHTML Wapka Codes all in this article. Just copy them and paste into the code section. We will tell you a step-by-step guide for making this type website, so scroll down and check out remaining article.

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Here We are Are going to talk about Facebook Phishing Codes which looks like original facebook security login Page, Using Wapka you can read and perform easily. So below is a Screenshot You Can Check That's How your Facebook Phishing Page will Look Like:

Facebook security login page
Facebook security login page2

You might be thinking that the above picture is taken from Original Facebook Page? NO.
The Pictures is screenshot from Facebook Phishing Page Which was created With Facebook Phishing Code.

Some people ask, Is it easy to make own Phishing site? And the answer is Yes, it’s the simplest thing because of WML and XHTML codes. You don’t need to learn Coding or else. Just copy the codes from below Section and paste them on your website. We will share, all types of Scripts including phishing code for Facebook, Paytm phishing code, Phishing code for auto liker site and all.

Wapka Phishing Codes

Most popular Wapka Facebook fake sites created nowadays uses original facebook phishing code & wml/XHTML code which you will find in below section of this article.

NOTE: I'm sharing these Facebook Phishing scripts just for educational purpose. So that you will know How Phishing sites look like and how they were created. I'm not responsible for anything happened to you by doing any illegal activity with it.

Just click on the link given below and then copy and paste the codes in your XHTML/XML text area of your site and click on Save. That’s all. You have made your phisher…

Click: Facebook Phishing Code

But did you know that not everyone is stupid enough to be hacked with Phishing site?

I mean not everyone will open your Phishing site link even if you convince them to open it, most expecially Webmasters/Bloggers, because they know all about this Attack, If you like you can also try it with me and see what will happen to your facebook account.
Also Share it with your friends.

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