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How To Legally Or Ilegally Remove Web Hosting Botton Ads

Block Web Bottom Ads
Many website users hate the bottom ads including me but at least we need to consider the Web developers , that's the only income source they have. Because of the high rate of this ads remove some web hosters have decided to make it a prohibited and against their policies removing this ads from your site.

The reason Why Legally and Illegaly word is been used on this Article is because some Web buiders platform don't take any action when user disable Power by platform Name or Ads banner/text, were by if you do it on other web building platform They will absolutely Blocked your site.

It's risky to to disable or remove Webhost platform Ads because when you get noticed you may get blocked by their administrators for violating their terms and services.You may be thinking why those that removd these ads bottom are not still blocked yet.

This is because they are not noticed yet . so in case you want to take the risk on your own you can use bellow method.

How To Remove or Block Website Bottom Ads

Having considered the Advantage and Disadvantages of removing your bottom ads simply copy and paste bellow code in your HTML/WLM section of your C Panel.

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NOTE: Only Past It At The Footer Of Your Web

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